Good Tips to Improve Dry Skin after Birth

The change of the body after giving birth makes many women surprised, especially the change in the skin. faster. So dry skin after birth do?

Cause postpartum dry skin

Most pregnant women experience dry skin after childbirth, causing dark skin, aging quickly and no longer have the beauty of their maiden. There are many causes of postpartum dry skin problems such as:

After the birth of the body, there is a major change in the body’s hormones affecting the skin, causing dull skin.

The body lacks moisture and nutrients due to pregnancy, which removes the nutrients of the mother’s body.

Tired sleep deprivation due to time care after birth leads to dry skin dark skin.

How to overcome dry skin after childbirth effectively

In order to improve the effective dry skin condition, mothers need an appropriate skincare plan to regain beauty for their ivory skin.

Drink enough water every day

Dry, rough skin is due to the fat barrier that protects the damaged surface of the skin, making it easier for moisture to escape, and the skin’s ability to retain moisture is limited. To ensure moisturizing for the skin, limiting dry facial skin, the mother needs to drink 2 – 2.5 liters of water every day.

Drinking water schedule of the day is good for the skin:

  • When you wake up, you should drink 2 glasses of water to start the body’s organs.
  • After eating 30 minutes to drink a glass of water to good for the digestive system
  • Before taking a bath, mothers should drink 1 glass of water to regulate blood pressure
  • 15-30 minutes before nursing, warm water should be used to stimulate the glands to make more milk.

Diet rich in nutrition

To maintain skin moisture, the mothers maintain a nutritious diet such as vitamins A, E, B3, fat, zinc … These nutrients are abundant in green vegetables, especially soy, Broccoli, nuts, fruits like oranges, mangoes, watermelons, vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers … In addition, antioxidants are also key to reducing cell inflammation and blood circulation. wait. Mothers should eat lots of strawberries, fatty fish, vegetable oil, grapefruit, eggs, chicken … to provide adequate nutrition for the skin.

Exfoliating for the skin

To regenerate new, smoother skin, the mother needs to brush away rough skin, which is the cytoplasmic layer on the face. Exfoliate at least twice a month to reduce roughness, as well as help your skin absorb nutrients from lotions or masks.

Massage your face regularly

The massage on the face before going to bed will help the mother to reduce the rough skin condition, quickly regain smoothness. You can use a mixture of coffee + brown sugar + olive oil to massage. Apply this paste in a circular pattern all over your face and wash your face thoroughly with warm water. Coffee with antioxidants has a direct effect on the skin, tightening the surface and protecting the skin from the effects of dust effectively.

In addition, moms should invest in a suitable moisturizer. Applying moisturizer 2 times a day in the morning will help skin maintain the required moisture. Should choose creams extracted from natural fragrances safe to avoid damage to the skin with nutrients that help penetrate the skin afterward, improve roughness effectively.

Apply a moisturizing mask to the face

Masks from bananas

Banana is known as a natural botox that helps to tighten and smooth the skin naturally, so to improve dry skin, mothers should apply a banana mask 3 times a week to help replenish nutrients for the skin. , brings a bright, captivating look.

Prepare materials:

1/2 ripe banana puree
1 tablespoon unsweetened yogurt
2 teaspoons of honey


Mix the mixture well and apply it on face for 20 minutes.
Then rinse with water and feel the change of skin.
Bananas have many nutritious ingredients that help regenerate the skin.

Mask from rice bran powder

Rice bran is too familiar with the beauty of the sisters, is not it? Using a rice bran mask is the fastest way to bring about smooth, white skin quickly without spending much time or money.

Prepare materials:

1/2 tsp rice bran
1 teaspoon of unsweetened milk
½ teaspoon honey

Mix rice bran flour, unsweetened milk, and honey together to make a mixture.
After washing your face with water, apply the mixture on the dry face
Massage skin for 20 minutes then washes face with warm water. Apply 2 times/week and you will have perfectly smooth skin.

Mask from yogurt

Acid-fermented yogurt naturally removes dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of new cells, prevents the appearance of dark spots and enhances skin moisture, in addition, yogurt Soothing effect on the sunburned skin very well. You use yogurt without sugar, apply directly to the face and leave it for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with water.

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