Tips to Lose Weight after Giving Birth Effectively

The desire to quickly get in shape like before pregnancy everyone has it, but not every breastfed mother knows how to lose weight so that it is both effective and does not affect health. Below will be helpful tips for you.

Change eating habits

Many women still mistakenly believe that after giving birth, the more they have to eat and drink to regain strength and have a good source of milk for their babies. In fact, it is not necessary to eat a lot of nutritious food to ensure enough milk and nutrients for both mother and child. There are diets that are suitable for a small parenting diet, and help you achieve the goal of postpartum weight loss. Once you are not able to exercise much, your energy intake needs to be well calculated.

A reasonable menu for pregnant women is the food group, drinks containing vitamins A, C, D, and minerals. You can eat a variety of food groups such as meat, shrimp, fish, … but not too fasting. Eat more fruits and drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Breastfeeding is the most effective way to lose weight

This method has not been verified from science but it is transmitted by many women. The regular breastfeeding will help mothers lose weight faster than usual. Your baby will grow better thanks to abundant breastmilk and you will quickly ‘regain shape’, which is a double task.

Be very patient

Everyone’s body is different. Therefore, it is impossible to apply the weight loss process of one person to the other completely. After birth, although fat is still in liquid form, fat can accumulate everywhere on the body so eliminating fat is still quite difficult and takes a lot of time. Not only breast milk mothers, but anyone who wants to lose weight should learn to be patient.

Do not abuse weight loss pills

Absolutely not to abuse weight-loss drugs because the substance in the drug is easily absorbed into the body, adversely affecting the quality of the baby’s milk. Despite losing weight, you still have to put your child’s safety first.

If you only practice with a gentle intensity

If you are a good person, easy to recover, after 3 months you can start having the exercises for the slim body again. Depending on your health, you can choose your own exercises, but be aware that you should not do these exercises too hard and too continuously for a while. Crunching, weight lifting, cardio, yoga, sniffing … will be very good ways for mothers to express milk after birth.

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